Paper Man


In the tradition of Lost In Translation and The Squid and the Whale, PAPER MAN is a wonderfully quirky drama about people trying desperately to find the same joy in real life as they do in their imagination. Golden Globe and Tony nominee Jeff Daniels stars as Richard Dunn, a no-hit wonder of a novelist squirreled away in Long Island by his sensible, surgeon wife (Emmy winner Lisa Kudrow) to get cracking on his next novel. Richard isn t totally alone: along for the ride is a local teen (Emma Stone in a breakout performance) who befriends Richard after he hires her to be a babysitter…his babysitter. Plus, there’s Richard’s imaginary best friend from childhood, Captain Excellent (Ryan Reynolds), a confidante always ready to prod him along towards adulthood, whether Richard wants it or not. Aching, funny and true, PAPER MAN is a genuinely offbeat gem that marks the promising debut of writing and directing team Kieran and Michele Mulroney.

Project: Feature Film

Client: Independent / MPI Media Group

Length: 110 minutes

Starring: Lisa Kudrow, Jeff Daniels, Ryan Reynolds, Emma Stone, Kieran Culkin, Hunter Parrish

Directed By – Kieran Mulroney & Michele Mulroney
Written By – Kieran Mulroney & Michele Mulroney
Produced By – Artur Spigel, Guymon Casady, Dan Fireman, Darin Friedman, Ara Katz, Andrew Spellman, Lila Yacoub
Executive produced by – Richard N. Gladstein

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