George A. Romero’s Diary of the Dead


From legendary frightmaster George A. Romero comes one of the most daring, hypnotic and absolutely vital horror films of the past decade ( Romero continues his influential Dead series, this time focusing on a terrified group of college film students who record the pandemic rise of flesh-eating zombies while struggling for their own survival. Intensely gruesome and relentlessly grisly fueled by the directors signature realistic special effects Diary of the Dead is must-see horror that is Romero at his finest (

Project: Feature Film

Client: Independent / The Weinstein Company

Length: 95 minutes

Directed By – George A. Romero
Written By – George A. Romero
Produced By – Artur Spigel, Ara Katz, Peter Grunwald, Sam Englebardt
Co-Produced By – Paula Devonshire
Executive produced by – Steve Barnett, Dan Fireman, John Harrison

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