Magic of Storytelling


The First Book campaign encourages audiences to participate in a form of social volunteerism that aids childhood literacy by giving kids their “first book.” The Magic of Storytelling PSA uses images from the film to incite interest in younger, movie-going audiences and evoke nostalgia in older audiences who grew up reading the tale themselves. Using simple animation to illustrate the evolution of paper to picture, we sought to craft recognizable versions of storybook icons that help capture the whimsical, exploratory nature of experiencing a story for the first time. The campaign has helped to provide more than 67 million new free and affordable books to educators who serve children in need and has inspired millions to take action to help bring new books and resources to serve kids across the country. The PSAs air across Disney’s multiple platforms including ABC affiliate stations, radio, online and print.

Title: Magic of Storytelling

Client: First Book, ABC Disney Corporate Citizenship, Disney Publishing

Tag: original content, live action, competition series

TRT  :30 x 7  

Starring: Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg, Michael Keaton, Emma Watson

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