Netflix and 7ate9 Entertainment debut a new animated preschool series about an adventurous and lovable team of clever young animals from all over the world who play, laugh, sing, and learn together to solve relatable preschool firsts. It’s a funny, thoughtful, and musical HOW-TO guide for preschoolers and their parents.

The series also has an empowering social and emotional curriculum that focuses on diverse cultures and inclusivity.

Knowing that they were creating a globally diverse series, it was important to 7ate9 and Netflix to cast talent that accurately represented the ethnicity and cultural experiences of the character they were going to play. As the ensemble cast of animals hails from all over the world (e.g. Africa, China, Europe, Latin America, India, and more), casting was conducted on an international level to find incredible 5 to 7-year old talent. The goal was to capture any subtle way the talent’s background could impact the performance of the character in the most authentic way possible. This thought process was also applied to casting Bailey Bunny, a character with a disability; Scarlett Ferguson, who voices Bailey, has the same disability as the character she plays. 

Wonderoos, co-created by Artur Spigel and Hannah Kole, provides kids and families with a practical guide to preschool milestones (e.g. getting lost, trying new foods, experiencing a new culture for the first time) through funny, thoughtful, and musical lessons.   

We are so proud of the series we’ve created and the positive impact it can have on kids and families,” says co-creator Artur Spigel. 

Client: Netflix

Tag: preschool animated series, long form

TRT 11:00 x 26

Starring: Sander Argabrite, Tera Cheng, Angelee Vera, Scarlett Ferguson, Christian Kelley, Connor Andrade, Aiden Arnold, Parker Sevak and Annabelle Baker-Ogunjimi

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