JoJo Siwa My World


The special introduces the breakout YouTube sensation as she made the crossover to network television stardom. The documentary features never-before-seen videos of JoJo, ranging from childhood recitals and familial moments to behind-the-scenes peaks at JoJo’s first concert at Mall of America. We were inspired by JoJo’s personal style of vlogging and created “JoJo pop-ups” that give her the ability to tell her story in her own words, thus keeping the tone authentic and the content real and relatable. Through this featurette, we expand on JoJo’s relationship with her family, detail the inspirational rise of JoJo’s career, and show how Nickelodeon was able to take JoJo one step further and help create the phenomenon that she is today. The documentary was massively successful, continuing with an extended DVD release through Nickelodeon ‘s distribution platforms and the ongoing success of JoJo Siwa on additional Nickelodeon properties that followed the special.

Client: Nickelodeon

Tag: original content, long form, live action concert documentary special

TRT 44:00 x 1 , 23:30 x 1


Starring: Jojo Siwa

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